Why Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Is Important To The Organisation

Organisations with emotionally intelligent leaders tend to have more praises by the general public and usually have a better reputation. Most employers are not even aware of what falls into the category of an emotionally intelligent leader. 

When you are in the process of recruiting, you have to be critical of your choices. Additionally, possessing the ability to critic and give your input on the interviews are vital. By scrutinising your candidates, you can identify their emotional intelligence which would be useful for the long-run. 

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What is Emotional Intelligence, why do you need to possess it? 

Emotional Intelligence is often classified as someone who understands the situation at hand very well and carefully manages any catastrophes with an open mind. 

EQ often includes aspects such as mood control, the way they react to situations, self-awareness on emotions, etc. The reason why emotionally intelligent leaders are high in demand is that they tend to converse proactively. They tend to be more willing to speak from their viewpoints and provide ideas on the bigger picture. 


Knowing where you stand and being aware of your boundaries is one of the primary determinants of someone with a high EQ. If you are aware of your aura and are on good terms with it, you will most likely be more content with your life. 

You should analyse your strengths and your weaknesses and think about what your friends think of you. Being able to picture your goals in life realistically will help. 


Being able to strive for your own goals within reach, or work towards something realistic epitomises someone with a high EQ. 

Ask contextual and situational questions on how they usually handle stressful situations. Are they quick to give up? Or do they stay on to fight their fears? Do they tend to take up their initiative? Or wait for someone to spoon-feed and guide them? 

Social aspects 

Do they empathise and care for the feelings of the others? Are they communicative and knows how to relay information accurately? 


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