Trending Smartphone Features in 2017

The technology of smartphones evolve really quick these days. You may expect slimmer, quicker, and smarter gadgets moving forward. Virtual reality will likely be incorporated into smartphones, along with improved graphics, bigger storage, and better screens. Let’s get into the exciting stuff:


Rumour has it that Apple may depart from its existing decade-long design, and Samsung may venture into smartphones that fold. Customisable smartphones from Motorola and LG were a real hit this year. Other trends include Lenovo’s prototype folding smartphone that doubled up as a watch.

Need for speed

As if smartphone applications in this day and age are not already sufficiently fast, it will continue to improve and graphics will also likely enjoy a smoother upgrade.

Virtual reality

With the increased speed, virtual reality apps will run more seamlessly. Virtual reality headsets are currently compatible with several smartphones that will include high-end smartphones next year.


It is quite likely that most smartphones will still retain their headphone jacks, but some just may take the leap and be rid of it to achieve lighter smartphones. Bluetooth earphones may take the place of traditional ones, with Motorola already implementing it.




Selfie cameras

The demand for selfie-oriented camera smartphones are bursting through the roof. As such, all the big players are creating smartphones for that ultimate purpose. Smartphones are now practically synonymous with selfie-taking. Vivo’s latest pride, the Vivo V7, is one such example with 24 megapixels on its front camera. Check it out here:


As with smartphone market becomes increasingly competitive, additional storage is going to be inevitable. At this moment, most smartphones typically offer 256GB of internal storage, in which we usually supplement with SD cards. SanDisk is stepping up their game and revealed a prototype 1TB SD card, so that’s definitely something to look forward to.