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Currently, around 580 banking companies registered in Singapore. With 86% of them are commercial banks. Banks normally offering various lending options that may make our life harder. Hard to pick which product offering is the greatest. Introduce SIngSaver, a financial comparison site that will assist you to find the products which include credit card, personal loans, travel insurance, savings account, home loan as well as wedding loans. is known as a leading financial comparison site in Singapore. They committed to helping Singaporeans choose the right credit cards, personal loans, and also other lending options with simple to-utilize self-serve comparison tools. Within an always showing warning signs of change financial world. Today we will list down each of their product offered on their site.

credit card

Credit Card

A credit card is a payment to pay for a merchant for products and solutions and even products during the extension of the credit method. Different cards have different terms whenever, where, and ways in which much cashback you possibly can acquire, therefore it pays to do your research. But here, SingSaver carried out the homework, don’t make it hard and fuss-free so that you can choose!

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers the price and losses regarding travelling. Worry no longer about falling sick, losing luggage or encountering any setbacks and much more. Below are some lists, SingSaver recommends to be able to give a reassurance through any misfortune that may befall you.

Housing Loan

A home loan is an amount of money borrowed coming from a standard bank or bank to acquire a residence. Basically, the borrower has possession of the property or even the home, nonetheless, the lender is the one who owns it until it’s totally cleared. Here, SingSaver listed the very best home loans to be found in Singapore available for you. 

Personal loans

Either pay the money you owe off or achieving your primary goal, A personal loan with low repayments, flexible tenure, no hidden fees or charges, plus on the spot approval always been different options to have a borrower. If you’d like at variable mortgage rates, Sinsaver provides you with a lot of the information here.

Wedding Personal Loan

The dreaded debt once the big day is more than likely the greatest concern for anyone considering a personal loan to advance a marriage. Therefore it is best in order to the personal loans available all through the market before selecting the one that suits the needs you have best. Head over to our Singsaver page for the reference. 

Savings Account

Feeling confused within the various savings accounts and never sure gives the actual highest interest rates? SingSaver aids you to compare a handful of main savings accounts in Singapore which are usually commonly applied in line with the salary and spending to let you know what sort which provides the perfect interest rates, especially for you.

Stop wandering around to discover the best answer on your financial issue. Discover each of the SingSaver financial product offerings on the website by visiting this link,

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