Hotel In Penang

5 Must-Dos In Penang

5 Must Do Activities In Penang Penang is a quaint little island located on the north of the Malaysian Peninsular. If you’re a tourist or simply a local from another state, we’ve got you covered. There is much to do on a short holiday, and we’re gonna tell you where to go, what to eat,

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Nutrition for Your Children

We as parents know that a balanced diet is crucial in our children’s development. Sure, but what is it made up of? Below are some basic nutrients your children need every day: Iron Commonly the most deficient component in children. It aids growth and the lack of it may potentially lead to cognitive and motor

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abbott nutrition

Your Child Needs Vitamin E

Are you concerned about missing out important nutrients in your child’s diet? As a parent, you know well that growing children need all kinds of vitamins and minerals to achieve good health and accelerated learning, but are you aware of the tremendous benefits inherent in Vitamin E? Keep reading to discover all about it and

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Trending Smartphone Features in 2017

The technology of smartphones evolve really quick these days. You may expect slimmer, quicker, and smarter gadgets moving forward. Virtual reality will likely be incorporated into smartphones, along with improved graphics, bigger storage, and better screens. Let’s get into the exciting stuff: Design Rumour has it that Apple may depart from its existing decade-long design,

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Finest Restaurants & Bars in Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, is actually a place where impressive dining experience awaits you. Here, you can easily find the most impressive bars and restaurants which offer many excellent cuisines. Explore the listing of Seven best fine dining restaurant to experience whenever you’re in Kuala Lumpur. Marini’s on 57 Marini’s on 57 stands

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electronic procurement

Benefits of e-procurement for SMEs

Benefits of e-procurement for SMEs When we’re talking e-procurement solutions, it’s easy for one important part of our audience to feel we’re speaking to someone else. After all, surely small and medium enterprises (SMEs) aren’t really set to benefit from this digital opportunity? That’s a mistake it’s important to address. Malaysia is a nation driven

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