Win yourself RM100,000 weekly by forecasting football games

The football prediction app that offers you the opportunity to win RM100,000 weekly!

Think you’re an avid football fan? Follow all the team updates and performances, and want to get something done with all that knowledge? You now have a platform to take action with the trendiest football prediction app called Moobara!

The app is precisely as advertised. Games are going to be selected from various football leagues, and sometimes international matches too. You need only obtain the correct scores for all of the six chosen matches to stand the chance to win RM100,000 per week! If no-one manages to predict every match correctly, Moobara will still grant a once weekly prize of RM100 towards the person having the greatest accumlated points.

The simplest way to secure points is by correctly predicting the result of a game. Say you decided to pick Real Madrid to win by 2-0, you would still receive two points if they won by 1-0. Predicting the scoreline of a game successfully will earn you a maximum of five points. In the instance that several players share the same number of total points, the winner is going to be distinguished by the the first goal in tiebreaker stage.

Each match earns you a maximum of five points; two points for a correct result or five points for a correct score). While we mentioned earlier, when there is a tiebreaker, the very first goal would be the deciding element in selecting a winner. Monitor your progress in the ranking section and keep your eyes peeled for the winner’s announcement on Moobara’s Facebook page.

Moobara Football App

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