Italian Cuisine: What’s The Hype?

Italian Cuisine: What’s The Hype?

Contrary to what we may think, Italian cuisine is much more than just pasta and pizza. There are a spectrum of ingredients and flavours at play. The best kinds of Italian food, when done right, are intense and fulfilling without being too dense. They are often varied in texture and experiments with a wide palette of flavours.

The adaptation of Italian cuisine around the world, such as America, created a fusion of a semi-authentic version with more meats and sausages due to the lack of authentic Italian ingredients. The true Italian way celebrates fresh produce such as herbs and vegetables, while protein remained an afterthought.

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Typically, an authentic Italian meal kicks off with a large portion of antipasti, mainly made up of vegetables and cured meats.  It is then followed by a main of pasta and protein. Unlike other cuisines where the course of a meal gets heavier, Italians are quite the opposite and prefer to finish off simple, akin to a reverse crescendo effect.

Olive oil is central to Italian cooking, commonly used for frying, braising, and drizzling. Then comes the balsamic vinegar, another go-to ingredient in all Italian kitchens. Vegetables are wonderfully complemented by a generous portion of garlic and onions.

You may be surprised to know that fish is quite an essential part of Italian cuisine, be it fresh off the boat or canned sardine. Nearly all Italian cooking involves preserved foods such as pickled vegetable and salami.

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They are also big fans of starch, evident in creamy dishes like the risotto, fettucini, tortellini, and ziti. Good quality noodles are key to making the perfect pasta; something you should look out for when ordering at Italian restaurants.

Italian cooking is really simple. It is a balance of basic ingredients and flavours. You could attempt it at home or alternatively, dine at the city’s best Italian restaurant, Marini’s on 57! Visit here for more info: