Hidden Features of the iPhone X

The new iPhone X brings many changes such as the full-screen display, Face ID and the removal of the home button, but are you aware of its full capabilities? It wouldn’t be a surprise that you might miss out on some of its secrets.

Here are some hidden features that might help you enhance your iPhone X experience:

Face ID or password?

Face ID is the next big step towards security. However, if you are uncomfortable using your face for everything, you can choose to disable the feature for particular apps.

You can choose between Face ID or a regular password when unlocking your phone or when using iTunes. Disabling Face ID is also an option for Safari AutoFill, Apple Pay and individual apps.

Hide your sensitive notifications

Having notifications appear on your lock screen is a convenience, but there is also a risk of people snooping around your notifications when you leave your phone lying around.

With the iPhone X, it helps you hide your personal notifications when you are not around. When Face ID detects your face, it will automatically reveal the contents of your notifications.

Multitask faster

iPhone X

All iPhones users know double tapping the home button allows you to switch between apps. But with the home button gone on the iPhone X, you now bring up the app switcher by swiping up from the home bar and holding your finger down for a few of seconds.

But that is not all, you can switch between apps immediately when you swipe left or right on the home bar.

Your phone knows if you are there

Not only does Face ID provide a stronger security, it is aware of when you are using your phone.

Some advantages include dimming your phone display when you are not looking, or lowering your alert volumes when you are already using your phone.


There is more to the iPhone X than a gadget to access your social media or taking incredible selfies. Explore your phone and learn about its hidden features!

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